Showman Saves the Day

If you are reading this. Wow! Amazing! And Thank You!

In the 10 years I've been a rep, I've noticed a direct correlation to tiny emails and replies. My fun (attempts at fun) emails - though self-serving for me to do something creative - never really accomplished the engagement I was hoping. Thus... this new endeavor.

I discovered a little hack to keep from incessantly thinking about Avengers: Infinity War after seeing it recently. . .

Watch The Greatest Showman. Then, all the addicting energy-filled songs will take up so much brain RAM that you can actually free yourself from the MCU. Yes, I see the irony that Wolverine needed to save me from superhero thoughts.

I really need to spend more time outside.

Please let me know if my timing is right and you're working on something.

We often use the words timing and luck because we literally do not know if you are looking or in the middle of production.

Reason = Hapa is anti-rep lead share.


So, rep fishing is literally how we find our jobs.

Reps often approach us about sharing information. We politely decline. We like to find out about jobs the old fashioned way. . .  fingers crossed, hope this works, please please please searching.

Plus, it gives me a reason to send out something related to Cher every nine months or so.

Have a tremendous week!

Seriously, though. Play this max volume in an open office and I'm pretty sure 62.5% of the people will have a better day!

... Hapa Represents